Freedom in flight by Lorne A. Julien
Heavenly dove by Lorne Julien

Lorne Alexander Julien, from Millbrook, First Nation,

Nova Scotia, specializes in original First Nations acrylic paintings. His Mi’kmaq name is “Warrior on the Hill” given to him in his youth when he learned about the spiritual way of his people. He is also a self-taught artist, beginning as a young child. He uses bright colours and believes simplicity is beautiful. He wants to share his art work, lifting people’s spirits, with ideas taken from his visions and dreams. About four years ago, Lorne began a Christian journey, wishing to honour Christ in his paintings. Eagles are his favorite subject material as they are well respected amongst his people, with the abiity to fly highest toward the Creator.

My future partner by Lorne Julien

He also wishes to inspire youth to overcome the restrictions

of the past and build on the future, especially since today’s native society are among the highest suicides rates in the world. His images are of different birds, since they represent freedom in flight. Eagles are his favourite subject material as they are well respected amongst his people, able to fly highest towards the Creator. Receiving an eagle feather is considered an honour for anyone. Recently completed work include “Jesus to the Nations” an image of an eagle, representing four cultures, and available in limited edition print. Also “Relationships” two eagles above each other, depicting respect for elders and children. He wishes to honour all cultures in his paintins.

Focus by Lorne A. Julien